Womens Beach Cruiser by Firmstrong | From the Box to the Beach

Womens Beach Cruiser by Firmstrong
Firmstrong's 26" single speed beach cruiser bicycle is as basic as they come.

A basic beach cruiser is exactly what I wanted. No gears to deal with, no break cables, nothing. And the price? $199! The seat is quite comfortable. All I added to the beach cruiser was the Black Bicycle Wire Basket. What would a beach cruiser bike be without the basket, right?

I use the bike to ride over the bridge from Sarasota downtown (where I live) over to Lido Beach. It's a short ride with a nice little elevation challenge!

The single speed beach cruiser is available in multiple colors, size, and speed options. Firmstrong's beach cruiser is also available via Amazon, so is the basket, click here.

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