Stylish Simple Flip Flops for the Beach & Beyond

Stylish Simple Flip Flops Women Beach Wear
Flip flops are my best friend!

Be it fun and/or elevated classic flat flip flops or other flip flops, this lightweight comfortable shoe wear is a Beach Fashion Staple and a quintessential look & sound of summer. These simple sandals actually have a history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. The modern version first became popular in the 1950s when they received their name flip flops name for the distinctive sound they make.

Tropical Beach Photo Flip Flops

I'm wearing Clarks Cloudstepper Flip Flops and they live up to their name -lightweight and oh so cushy.

Strap Flip Flops
And then there are these -flip flop sandals. They've got the look and offer a little bit of extra support. Flip flops spotted at the Ocean Key Resort in Key West Florida.