Simple & Lightweight Folding Beach Chairs that are Inexpensive

Simple Beach Chairs
Relax and unwind in a fun and simple beach chair.
Simple Folding Beach Chairs Light Weight

Beach chairs come in many style and sizes. Low beach chairs, high chairs, fixed or with a variety of positions, just to name a few. The type you choose depends on your needs. I prefer simple and light weight folding beach chairs with a beachy design. This type of beach chair also happens to be the least expensive. Most simple folding beach chairs can easily be carried around.

 Serena and Lily took the classic beach chair and gave it a stylish makeover. These beach chairs are decked out in cool stripes, available in a variety of splashy colors. Their performance sling will keep you comfy in the sun without ever fading. The white powdercoated frame brightens things up, with solid wood armrests for a touch of warmth. It’s lightweight and perfectly compact for an easy stroll down to the shore.