Glass Lockets | Beach Necklace Filled with Sand, Shells or Seaglass

Glass Lockets Beach Necklace Filled with Sand Shells Seaglass
Keep a little piece of the beach close to your heart with a glass locket filled with beach sand, tiny shells or seaglass. 

Shop a glass locket necklace filled with beach sand or fill a glass locket with your own precious beach keepsake -either way you'll have a perfect beach jewelry piece to wear! The advantage of a glass locket that you fill with your own tiny beach finds is, of course, that you can change it up whenever you feel like it.

Here is a selection of beautiful beach sand necklaces and glass lockets from US based Etsy stores. 

Beach sand necklaces made with sand from northern California and Oregon or have a beach sand necklace custom made -just send a small amount of sand!

Beach Sand Pendant Necklace
Choose sand from beaches around the world or send sand that you have collected from your favorite beach.