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Best Beach Wedding Arches Simple Arch Ideas Arbors Circles Unique Beach Wedding
Exchange vows at the beach under a beautiful arch as you begin a new chapter together. Here are some of the best simple elegant beach wedding ideas for ceremony arches, arbors, circles and more, seen at Beach Resorts such as Chileno Bay. (image above). If you are dreaming of a beach destination wedding on a gorgeous resort property, many Beach Resorts offer wedding packages. If not, the beach with its magnificent ocean backdrop is free! 

The most common set up for a beach wedding is a ceremony arch or an arbor that is decorated, but there are some other great beach wedding ideas that are simple and elegant -unique beach wedding circles, posts, or tall palm leaves, for example. Something to consider when deciding on a beach wedding and a  ceremony arch are weather and wind in general. I have watched flowers being blown off a wedding arch! To avoid mishaps like that, you might want to consider a rather sturdy construction, depending on the beach and its exposure to wind. 

Beach Wedding Arch with Flowers and Drapes Best Ceremony Arches

A beautiful classic arch with flowers and drapes. Designated pillars topped with flowers mark the walkway where the happy couple "walks down the aisle."

Beach Wedding Driftwood Arch

This beach wedding arch is made with driftwood, which is a timeless beach material.

Wood Hexagon Beach Wedding Arch Idea

A wooden hexagon beach wedding ceremony arch makes for a sturdy unique frame.

Romantic Beach Wedding Arbor Idea with Drapes

Romantic beach wedding arbor with white drapes. A simple elegant set up.

Beach Destination Wedding Ideas

If your dream beach wedding is of a tropical style, palm leaves are a must. Two tall palm leaves naturally form an arch. It does not get any simpler than that. Two people can be holding up this natural beach wedding arch! 

Unique Beach Wedding Idea Ceremony Circle

A ground level circle is another simple and unique idea to make your beach wedding a stunning event.

Unique Beach Wedding Ideas

This is a unique beach wedding idea as well. Two large wooden posts are set up to flank the spot where the vows will be spoken. And when it comes to the perfect beach destination, you could also Turn your Backyard into a Beach Inspired Oasis and set up your wedding there!