Health Benefits of Sea and Beach and How to Get them at Home

Health Benefits of Beach Sea How to Get Them at Home
Nature in general and the sea and beach in particular benefit our health beyond the obvious aspects of relaxation, exercise and the experience of beauty. But since not everyone can live by the beach, there are ways to get most benefits at home. 

In short. The three major health benefits of sea and beach are sun exposure (Vitamin D), absorption of magnesium when wading or swimming in the ocean, and grounding when walking on the sand. Plus the salty air gives the hair great texture! 

To learn all the details on how you can get these health benefits at home, namely Vitamin D, Magnesium, earthing and salty hair, read the article about Beach Health Benefit on Wellness Mama. And while there, check out the entire blog for natural home products, natural beauty tutorials as well as a small line of Wellness products such as a remineralizing toothpaste (which I use).