How to Wear Classic Sailor Navy Stripes | Timeless Outfit & Styling Ideas

Here are some great ways how you can rock those stripes.

How to Style the Classic Navy Stripe Shirt

We are all familiar with the classic Breton T-shirt worn by French fisherman and sailors. The shirt was transformed into a chic bohemian look by iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel and has conquered the fashion world from there. Navy stripes have become a timeless classic and summer look, not only for T-shirts, but also for button shirts, blouses, dresses and more. 

How to Wear the Classic Navy Shirt

Stacie swears by the Saint James Striped Sailor Shirt which she has in different colors (see first picture). The casual shirt looks chic and elegant worn over a blouse.  

Navy Stripe Outfit Ideas Women Summer Look

Classic striped sailor shirt from J.Crew worn with jeans and styled with a casual tuck. A Straw Bag complements the beachy summer look. 

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Styling Ideas for Navy Stripes Sailor Shirts

 To level up your style with a casual striped sailor shirt, wear a light summer blazer over. 
Summer Outfit Ideas with Navy Stripes for Women

It doesn't get more coastal than this. A classic button down blue and white striped shirt from Ralph Lauren is paired with white jeans.

Crinkle gauze boy stripe shirt from J.Crew worn casually over white shorts. 

Navy Stripe T-Shirt Dresses

A lightweight striped summer dress styled with a belt. 

Striped Maxi T-Shirt Dress Styling Ideas

The loose worn navy striped maxi T-shirt dress is elevated with high heels (pun intended), jewelry and a handbag. A good example of an effortless chic summer look. Check out her Beach Vacation Outfit too, it involves stripes as well.

Striped Mini Dress worn with Sneakers

And here a classic navy striped mini T-shirt dress is worn with sneakers. The jacket that is tied around the waste adds a nice dimension to this outfit. 

Light Navy Stripe Summer Sweater

A slightly oversized and lightweight Navy Striped Sweater from Free Assembly at Walmart that is great for cooler days. 

"Stripes really are a classic and classics are allowed to shine the most when the styling around them is kept very simple," Jess at Fashion & Style Edit says. If you agree, watch her video below!