Chunky Natural Seashell Necklace Ideas

Chunky Shell Necklace Idea Seashell Necklace
Creative ways how you can wear chunky shells as a necklace.
If you are a beachcomber you can make your own chunky Shell Necklace with chunky shells that have holes and openings such as featured above (image source unknown). You simply tie your shells together into a chunky necklace with a soft Leather or Suede Cord.

Another way to make a chunky shell necklace is to find shells with holes (or drill holes into shells) and attach them to a necklace, such as a chain necklace or bead necklace.

Bead and Chunky Shell Necklace Idea
Thirdly, you can string a necklace with Beads and add chunky shells to it. With this chunky sea shell necklace version you can be creative with your beads -add colors, use wood or glass beads for a natural look and so forth. Original image source for this necklace is no longer available.