Beach Inspired Fashion & Outfit Ideas

Let the beach inspire your fashion and outfits -here is how! 

A simple way to evoke the coastal beach vibe with your outfits is through natural textures and tones with a neutral color palette, using Cotton & Linen, and light denim. Sandy hues, whites, grays, as well as soft yellows, muted greens are all colors you see on the beach. The overall look is sun bleached and weathered. Your Outfits can be carefree and layered in a bohemian style fashion, or simple and elegant. You might want to include a few tropical colors and small Tropical Print Pieces as well. Carry the natural beach inspired theme throughout your outfit with accessories that reflect nature at the beach, such as Raffia Beach Sandals, Straw Hats, Straw Bags, woven rope belts, and wooden beads for jewelry.

This post was inspired by Rachael from Summer of Diane. Watch her video below to learn more about this beach inspired fashion style and get some outfit ideas.